In the USA & CANADA Netflix is now streaming 'Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story'

In the UK and Ireland ‘Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story’ will air on BBC 2 on 15th October at 9 PM. It will also be available on the iPlayer from 15th October onwards.

All other countries stay tuned for more info about where and when you can watch!

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“A lively tribute to a woman who played by her own rules.”

“…warmly affectionate documentary…”

“…it forcefully underlines the double-standard by which Collins was judged for…”

“The doc makes the case that Collins’ books actually gave women agency to pursue pleasure and power unapologetically, and the adoring throngs of female fans at her bookstore signings — where every single person in lines stretching way out the door got individual attention — attest to the appetite for those narratives.”

“This is an engrossing, fast-moving package full of visual interest…”

“Fairrie doesn’t attempt to rewrite history and make a case for Collins as an underappreciated literary genius. But she paints a stirring picture of a gifted storyteller and a brilliant female entrepreneur, who shrugged off the cultural snobbery and the misogynistic backlash sparked by her “scandalous” work and laughed all the way to the bank.”


“Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story does not disappoint as it provides chapter-and-verse on a life of self-creation and steely determination.”


“Jackie Collins was capital-F Fabulous. She was ahead of her time in terms of writing strong female characters who fought for what they wanted, inside and outside of the bedroom. In 1988, she told the Los Angeles Times, ‘Women need to be stronger…. Women have always been pushed into positions in the bedroom, the kitchen, the work force. Women can do anything. I give that message in my books…. My books are successful because I’m turning the double standard—men can get away with anything, women are not supposed to get away with anything—on its head.’”


“Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story offers context, showing how Collins' life and wider societal shifts shaped her work – and why it deserves a fresh look…” “I have to wonder if any of those talk show guests had actually tried reading Collins' books before publicly excoriating her or if they were simply rolling with the cultural tide. Because this self-avowed snob is already halfway through “Hollywood Wives” and can’t turn the pages fast enough to find out what happens next…”


“A briskly told, barely 90 minute CNN-backed documentary, this is likely to be one of the wider-released films of the Tribeca festival, and is fittingly so. It’s emotionally intriguing, with Collins’ story being one of both great riches and even greater heartbreak, but the generational discussion of her position within the larger conversation surrounding feminism is what holds this film above much of the documentary competition here. A genuine surprise."


“A playful, penetrating portrait of the prolific best-selling author and Hollywood insider…”