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Amy Scott-Simon, a beguilingly pretty young New York heiress, is engaged to marry Max Diamond, an older powerful real estate tycoon. At her bachelorette party she runs into Jett, Max’s younger half-brother — fresh back from Italy, where he is a successful male model. A one-time drug addict, now in the Program — Jett has no idea who Amy is. She also doesn’t realize who he is. A one night fling leads to complications and regrets.

Meanwhile, Chris Diamond, a hot L.A. entertainment lawyer, flies into town to meet with his two brothers and Red Diamond, the boys’ billionaire dysfunctional father, and abusive bully.

Working as Reds’ housekeeper is Diahann, a beautiful black ex-singer. Her stunning bi-racial nineteen-year-old daughter Liberty, a waitress who is a would-be singer herself — does not approve of her mother working as a housekeeper. Liberty has dreams of her own, and while she pursues them, Damon P. Donnell, married hip-hop mogul supreme — pursues her.

And then there is Mariska, Max’s Russian socialite ex-wife, a woman with more secrets than anyone, secrets that ultimately lead to her brutal and mysterious murder.

As the lives of these characters intertwine over a seven day period in New York, power, love, sex, money and fame are the ties that bind — emotionally and otherwise — in this highly charged love story about family relationships, deadly choices and dangerous sex.